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Penny Stocks: A Small Investment With Big Potential

Penny stocks are not new, but they are definitely a way to get...

How To Get Your Credit Report & Credit Score

What is a credit report? How does the credit score affect your...

3 Tips For Saving On Auto Insurance

No one wants to have to pay a ton of money for auto insurance that...

1 Weird “Loophole” To Getting Car Insurance As Low As $9

(PL) — New policies prove that consumers have likely overpaid on...

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Strange Celebrity Endorsements

Strange Celebrity Endorsements

For many celebrities, ranging from A-list movie stars to sports icons to political superstars, their main source of income is only tangentially related to their most prominent...

Celebrities Who Read Their Own Obituary

Celebrities Who Read Their Own Obituary

1) Paul McCartney

One of the two still-kicking Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney was declared dead by a caller to Detroit DJ Russ Gibb in 1966. In a separate case, a New York...

Movie Costumes that’s been Criticized Big Time

Movie Costumes that’s been Criticized Big Time

Man Of Steel (2013)

For years Supes’ pants-on-the-outside had been a go-to dad joke. But when Zack Snyder got rid of them altogether, fans realised they quite liked those...

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